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Modern drive solutions have to withstand the most varied influences, achieve maximum efficiency, and be absolutely reliable. When these requirements are met, high plant availability and low product life cycle costs can be ensured. With the DOFINE gear units offers you the most comprehensive range of industrial gear units in the world.

Simply select the ideal gear unit for your requirements and benefit from the advantages offered to you by our standard range. The high quality, the fast availability worldwide, and the attractive price level are the main strengths of this range of gear units. Horizontal or vertical mounting positions, different versions of helical, bevel and bevel-helical gear units, and the compact design of our gear units give you maximum flexibility in the design of your plant.

H series is Helical Gear unit ,which is standardized gear unit solutions for higher power rating ranges condition . It uses the Modular design system and High-stainless cast iron case

1: Compacted structure and higher strength .

2: Reliable operation , higher transmission efficiency .

3: Providing the output shaft with Flange disc ,which can meet mounting requirement of narrow space .


Mounting type:

Gear unit not only can horizontal Mounted ,but also can Vertical Mounted .

It can mounted as clients’ requirement

Motor bell housing, Torque arm are parts of our standard product range.


Horizontal Mounting Position

Helical Gear unit

Type: H1….H2….H3….H4…

1-4 Stage Transmission, IN=1.25-450





Vertical Mounting Position

Helical Gear Unit

Types H2..V, H3..V, H4..V

2-4 stage Transmission, IN=6.3-450




Noise Behaviour:

New concepts were applied to clearly improve the noise emission of the gear units

Designing noise-absorbing case

Achieving exceptionally large contact ratios

All the gears have been grinded .


Thermal conduction:

Gear units not only have a high efficiency but also have a favorable thermal conduction

Through enlarged housing surface areas;

As large fans incorporating a new type of air conduction fan cowl are being used

Selection of gear unit is based on a lower maximum oil temper ature .By that ,the operational reliability will be increased and the cost of maintenance reduced due to longer oil change intervals



Gear units have been designed according to a new unit construction principle ,which reduce the variety of components


Application examples

Belt conveyor drives

Bucket elevator drives

Agitator drives

Hoisting gear drives

Travelling gear drives

Paper machine drives

Dryer drives



Short delivery times

Attractive price/performance ratio

Mainly non-contacting and wear-resistant labyrinth seals possible

Flanged output shafts for easy gear unit installation

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